Do your locks need grooming?

"I have always had hair that was difficult to maintain, so having locks has helped with my day to day management.  Marie, however has had to mop her brow at my retightening sessions at the unruliness of my roots, which demand longer than usual sessions.  She girds her loins and starts, (afterwards, I feel gorgeous!).  As you can imagine grooming is important with my hair type and once I am groomed, I am not only gorgeous, I'm fabulous! Thanks Marie, don't ever leave me!"  Signed Ms P.


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It is true, some heads will never need grooming. However, grooming is essential for others and the beauty of your locks may never truly be experienced if your locks needs grooming and this service is not offered by your consultant.

Grooming should only be carried out by an experienced, competent consultant as it does require special care.  

We are experienced in grooming Sisterlocks/Microlocks and have been providing this service to our clients for many years. 

The pictures above shows sisterlocks before and after grooming.  First picture shows one side after grooming and the other side before it has been groomed.  The second picture shows the final results.    This lady's locks are now neater and more defined, the frizz has gone and the locks are no longer bulky.  This client opted for a cut but this is optional. 

If you are interested in this service Click Tel: +447802895059 for more information. 

We will need to do an assessment to determine if your locks can be groomed.  If you are under the care of a Sisterlocks Consultant who does not offer this service, we recommend you groom around a week after you have been retightened for best results.  If you know the date of your retightening it is advisable to book us in advance to secure a slot and avoid disappointment. 

We offer a discreet and confidential service.

It's never too late for your locks to look immaculate!!!



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